A storm of feelings disperses the seeds of love

In fields and oceans, in the deepest layers of my heart.

Rain is pouring when it cries, sun is shining when it smiles

There’ll never be another today just wistful history and dust.

So I’ll love you today for everything you are and for all that you are not

And cherish the love that grows between us.



Rainbow leaves are scattered in my feet, children of the dying Autumn.

At the bench, bellow the tree, her voice is warm and soothing, like a mother’s kiss.

And she sang the song of the passing year, of melancholy and nostalgia, of a door that is almost shut, but has a little hole of hope and chill, remembering those moments that are wasted, lost and gone.



The room so quiet, almost dead.
Your voice, your touch, all is gone.
How much I miss you, you will never know.
Days are prison and nights become a hell.

The pillow guards your smell
Of ripen olives, lust and rain.
I taste your breath, it ends in me.
You are me and I am you
In the sea of love, we are one.



Little shiny stones
Are flickering at night.
Sharing their secrets
With a man so little known.

Little shiny stones
Are whispering at night.
Promising their wonders
To the passenger behind.

Little shiny stones
Are playing in the night.
Spreading their love
Over many broken hearts.

Little shiny stones
Are singing in the night.
With a music made for love
To a world that never dies.



Tears are rolling down my face
With a pain too much to hold.
Your silence cuts my soul
I want to run but have no strength.

Days are slowly passing by
And the past becomes a friend.
I reach out for your love
But your heart is now a rock.

I close my eyes to see your face
Fighting with my tears
They are keeping you away.
I try so hard not to cry
I cannot forget what we had.

I want to run far away
And hide; I am so afraid.
With its many different shades
Life has challenged me again.



(October 2013)

The story of the night
Was lighting all the lights.
Soft and glitter and full of stars
Taking us to roads that were holding many hopes.

With all the wit and verve and laughter
We danced until the crack of dawn.
Notes of passion overwhelmed me
And this is how I fell in love with Rome.



(October 2013)

One two three
You are the apple on my tree.
I like to watch how you ripen
Gently with the pace of life.

Four five six
You couldn’t be a better mix.
Green or red I don’t mind
I’d love to watch you play with light.

Seven eight nine
Your skin is lush and makes you shine.
I sense you want to go
Don’t be in a rush to fall.

You are the apple on my tree.
Spread your wings and look at me
It is the moment we are free.



(September 2013)

Sea breeze you little devil
How envious I am of you.
Your freedom awakes my senses
I want to ride next to you.

You are playing with my hair
And making me so blush.
Don’t stop to whisper in my ear
The music of your life on earth.

Dance with me my little devil
Until we know no day or night.
Bewitch me with your endless vigour
There isn’t anything like you.



(September 2013)

Death Valley
A land of great extremes.
Embracing with its vastness
Calmly waiting for a rain.

Cracking roads are holding stories
Sealed by the wheel of time.
Silent presence everywhere
In a world so unknown.

Stunning dunes and lonely mountains
Welcome every man.
To explore the ineffable wilderness
Of a land that time forgot.



(September 2013)

She is here, stepping like a ghost
Wanting me to let her come.
You heartless thing
What brought you here.

It is quiet on my doorstep
The clock hardly moves its hands.
Autumn falls and it is dark again
I am blind with passion and pain.

My heart beats are slowing down
Eyelids are lessening their swoop.
Lips are sealed and lifeless
I can almost touch the empty space.

No light is bright enough
To heal what only love can wound.
She just stepped in
Dark and cold and all alone.



I don’t know where I am.
Nor do I know why I am here.
But all I see is white people
who cut me with no sense of fear.

I don’t understand their laughter
Nor do I want to hear.
But I see a woman at the end
Will she take me away from them.

She comes to me and takes the knife
To cut me more and eat a slice of me.
I am crying loud with every cut
She has no sense of my hurt.

Her mouth is full with a piece of me
She doesn’t dare to look at me.
She licks her lips with satisfaction
She eats me more to prove her action.

She talks and smiles but I cry and pray
A few more hours my soul must survive.
Who are these monsters that laugh at me
Why this behaviour to me.

Who created me, I wonder
And left me here all alone.
Was it Frankenstein I ponder
Here cold and lonely like a stone.

But deep down inside
beneath my black icing shell.
They may find someone
They know pretty well.

It’s not the icing that I need to protect.
It is my being that cries for help.
I want to live with no sense of guilt
That I am black with different skin.

Why do I have to prove I am worth it
When we all are here to live.
Leave it there and free your spirit
Leave my life and let me be.

I don’t give a damn about their power.
Nor do I care about their will.
Superior and separate, against those who are weak
they discriminate.

We all carry the same flag, whether red,
yellow, white or black
With pride and honour we all like to live.
Yes, I am black of skin and proud of my race
Stop throwing such shame in my face.

They are fair and I am dark
This is where my icing come apart.
The stone is there and suffocates my heart
It imprisons me because I am dark.



I never felt such a presence
Nor experienced such a gaze.
Who was he, I began to wonder
With a flame very new to me.

Was it love that I was feeling
Or was it lust that drew me on.
Calm seeped into my senses
and I began to long for more.

His raven eyes were sparkling with fire
Which arrested me with no command.
Was he the man I so desired
To love and hold my tender heart.

His voice touched me with a passion
That awakened me from my deepest sleep.
He is the man from my dreams
who holds me with his gentle hands.

A stranger he was once to me
With allure wild and dashing.
But he left his 20’s long ago
And I love the man that came to me.

His scent absorbed my senses
Like a flower absorbs the rain.
He embraced me with attention
And my life became immersed in his.

I now know how to share
And I have learned how to love.
It is the joy of our journey
That reminds me of who I am.

The key to love is understanding
That speaks to us in tender tones.
It is the friendship we so admire
Let it stay forever in our gentle souls.

We speak when words are needless
And dream without a sleep.
When his presence overwhelms me
I have no time left to breathe.

This is the love that’s ever true
and ever growing.
The love that comes and never leaves.