To Be or Not To Be

by Dima

We are nature’s best creation. A perfectly balanced mechanism that needs to be appreciated and loved to function at its best. We, humans, destroy everything we touch and rectify mistakes with science. Then the production of repairing materials becomes our second nature, we simply can’t live without alternatives. We are immune to simplicity and this comes with consciences.

The thing is that in today’s world, there is a pill for every ill. This artificial liberation is lending us a loan, which we’ll never be able to pay back. And we clap and nod in appreciation of the infinite opportunities of the growing consumerism.

What I’m trying to say here is that we have to live with more awareness, with different pair of eyes. To remove the layers of superficial happiness and examine carefully the world we live in. Happiness is far beyond the ‘sweet’ face of capitalism and all the mud that is dragged with it.

We are thought to live for the others because our worthiness depends on their acceptance. Who we have become as a result is far from who we really are. It is easier to hold the focus on artificial values especially in society that disregards emotions as a sign of weakness. And what is life without emotions, without the spark of our true existence? A dead flower, a wasted life.

Nothing is more compelling than finding the real purpose in life, which will always be in harmony with the energy levels of the Universe. Everything else is a tedious existence.